An Easter is holidays happy, carrying hope and accompanying the nature waking up after the winter. More energy and willingness to active bossinging up of the time appear. And everything close the nature: of forest, the river and meadows turning green.

We are inviting cordially for spring Easter Holidays to Nowa Kiszewa in Kashubian.


• well done rest in newly built all-year-round wooden fully-fitted houses,
• family festive atmosphere connected into the Easter tradition through:
- preparing Easter baskets,
- devoting them by the character to Most saint Mary of the Virgo in Nowa Kiszewa,
preparing nests of hay, and then searching for the little hare and left by him of gifts,
- Kashubian "Dingus-Śmingus" with the juniper berry in the main part,
• outstanding Easter dishes (mazurek, Easter cake, raw sausage, fresh country eggs e.g.),

For the anyone wishing actively to spend one's time a possibility exists:
of hiring bicycles for adults and for children,
of lending small sticks to Nordic Walking,
of hiring the sauna 4-6 personal in the shape of the barrel.