To relax your mind and body, we offer:


• Stay in the sauna relaxes the human body,
• Thanks to the sauna we produce more endorphins so we are more relaxed,
• Heavy sweating effectively cleanses and detoxifies the body of impurities, heavy metals
and toxins,
• The sebaceous glands are unlocked, and the body gets rid of excess sebum - which is why sauna favors to those who are on a diet, it also helps in the fight against cellulite and skin imperfections,
• From the body an excessive amount of salt is excreted, which prevents water retention
and swelling,
• The tissues are better supplied with blood, and skin is oxygenated and smooth,
• The body is aging more slowly,
• Applied cosmetics absorber better after leaving the sauna
• Thanks to the large changes in temperature also increases the efficiency of the immune system,
or we become immune to various infections.